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With 30-40,000 killed every year, they could be extinct in less than 20 years.

Next Rhino killed in:

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With under 30,000 left in the wild and an 8900% increase in poaching since 2007, they could be extinct in less than 10 years.

Never want to see those extinction newspaper headlines?

Let's make sure we never have to:


Donate to a charity that is working tirelessly to save our Elephants and Rhinos. They need your help to continue. There are many wonderful ones, but here's just a few we've been in touch with:


Keep up to date with the situation, educate your friends, organise your own events, shout about it online, and keep the pressure on our governments and decision makers. Join 'March for Elephants and Rhinos' in 'The biggest global gathering of people to ever join together and speak out for another species'.


By voting and signing this petition:


Why should you care?

Here are some reasons to shut down the ivory and horn trade:


Elephants & Rhinos are essential to our ecosystem

Every animal has a place in their ecosystem, which without them would collapse.

Elephants and rhinoceroses scatter large quantities of seeds through their dung, thanks to the fact that they slowly digest very little of their food, which is why they are often referred to as 'nature's gardeners.'

Through Elephant's large footprints and Rhino's digging, they are able create water collectors for small animals; and carve out paths in the vegetation for other life to use, and for plants to grow.


Poaching funds criminal gangs and terrorism

"Illegal wildlife trafficking is one of the world's top criminal activities – ranked alongside drugs, arms and human trafficking. Poaching is being carried out by criminal gangs, potentially linked to extremist groups with sophisticated multi-national networks. The trafficking gangs are pocketing billions of dollars each year, while leaving a trail of devastation behind, impacting not only wildlife and local communities, but also global security."

Save The Rhino


Humans depend on these animals for their survival

Elephants and Rhinos generate an income through tourism, that many communities rely on (they are two of the Safari must see 'Big 5' after all!). Saving these animals also means preventing poverty, strengthen livelihoods and promoting sustainable tourism.


Humans are being killed too

"Wildlife rangers endure similar ordeals to soldiers in combat. They routinely face death, injury, or torture from poachers."

National Geographic


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